The Coins of Edward I


b. 18 June 1239 d. 8 July 1307

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As I have stated earlier one of the main focuses of my collecting has been and continues to be the long cross coinage of Edward I. There are in fact two different types of long cross coinage during his reign. The first was a continuation of the voided long cross coinage that was begun under his father. In 1279, a new type of coinage was begun and after a few early experimental issues, a design was settled on. This new design would be the basis for all of the hammered English pennies until the reign of Henry VII. Here you will find links to that part of my collection. Many find this series to be very boring and tedious. I must admit that at times it can be very frustrating to able to tell the various sub-classes apart. However, that frustration is far outweighed by the shear enjoyment that I find in the series. There are of course the two main books for identifying the coins of this series, English Hammered Coinage by J. J. North and The Standard Catalogue of British Coins, first written by H. A. Seaby and now put out by Spinks. In addition, I have found useful two other works. One also by J. J. North and part of the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles series the title of which is The J. J. North Collection, Edwardian English Silver Coins, 1279-1351. The other work that I have found useful is a small book by Paul and Bente Withers called Farthings and Halfpennies of Edward I and II; it provides a useful and new guide to the smaller denominations. You will see that I have included their numbering system with the halfpence and farthings on this site when I have been able to make that determination.

This section of my collection is by far the largest. My main goal has been to get an example penny of each class and sub-class from the London mint and in addition to get an example coin from each of the provincial mints. I have a ways to go to get to that goal but I am well on my way there. I do have at least one example penny from each of the main classes from the London mint but do lack many from the sub-classes. I do have at least one example penny from each of the provincial mints and in many cases more than one.

At long last, all of them are here on the web. I have arranged this by denomination and then by mint. If you see any errors in attribution or have any questions, please let me know.



Voided Long Cross Coinage



Image Description Notes



  • Penny
  • Class VI
  • 1.34gm/17.60mm
  • S 1377
  • N 1001


Bury St. Edmunds


New Long Cross Coinage





Provincial Mints





Provincial Mints




Provincial Mints


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