Anglo-Saxon Coins


My Anglo-Saxon collection has two strong points. The first is that of the coinage of Cnut and the other is probably the coinage of Edward the Confessor. At one time I was trying to get as many of the mints from the reign of Cnut as possible, with a preference for the pointed helmet series. I have since changed my goal to try to get a sample from as many Anglo-Saxon mints as possible. There are around 90 mints total for the Anglo-Saxon series for me to strive for, at this point I have 63 of them. As you read through the descriptions please be aware that on the Anglo-Saxon coins the letter "W" will be shown here with a "þ" which is as close as I can get to the way that letter is shown on the coins. There are also references to the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles(SCBI). This is a series of books that catalogues the various collections of British coins around the world. I have attempted to include what prossibly are die links to coins that are found in the Sylloge series or at the very least coins of the same type and moneyer. The quality of the photographs and or their printing in the Sylloge series is at times not the best. So my conclusions can be erroneous.





Early Anglo Saxon

Early Saxon Sceatta Kings of Northumbria Archbiships of York
  Irregular Issues  



Middle Anglo Saxon

  Archbishops of Canterbury  
Kings of Mercia Kings of East Anglia Kings of Wessex



Viking Invaders




Late Anglo Saxon

Edward the Martyr Æthelred II Cnut
Harold I Harthacnut Edward the Confessor
Harold II


Anglo Saxon Mints

I have made a table of Anglo Saxon mints. Those that I have coins from will be in the first part of the table and have links to a page with images of those coins. The secoind grouping are those mints were I do not have a representative coin. The location of those marked with an * is uncertain at this time. Those marked ** are for all practable purposes unatainable for some one of my means. If you know of other mints that are not listed here please let me know.



Aylesbury Dover Langport Romney Totnes
Barnstaple Dorchester Leicester Salisbury Wallingford
Bath Droitwich Lewes Sandwich Wareham
Bedford Exeter Lincoln Shaftesbury Warminster
Bridport Gloucester London Shrewsbury Warwick
Bristol Gothabyrig* Lydford Southampton Watchet
Bruton Guildford Lympne Southwark Wilton
Bury St. Edmunds Hastings Maldon Stafford Winchcombe
Cambridge Hereford Malmesbury Stamford Winchester
Canterbury Hertford Northampton Steyning Worcester
Chester Huntingdon Norwich Sudbury York
Chichester Horncastle Nottingham Tamworth  
Colchester Ilchester Oxford Taunton  
Cricklade Ipswich Rochester Thetford  



Axbridge Cissbury Hythe** Petherton**
Bedwyn Crewkerne Launceston** Reading**
Berkeley** Derby Milborne Port** Torskey
Brygin* Dyr/Dernt* Melton Mowbray** Weardburh*
Buckingham Frome Newark Wilton-Norfolk*
Cadbury Grantham Newport  
Caistor Horndon** Pershore**  




Anglo Saxon Moneyers


I have made a few pages that arrange the coins along the lines of the moneyers in alphabetical order. The spelling that I used for the arrangement was what was on the coins and not the normalised spellings. Where there are more than one example of a name, the coins are then arranged by reign and then mint.





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